01Jan 2023

Activate Internet Explorer in Microsoft Edge Browser for CCTV Windows 10/11.

13Apr 2020

The Importance of System and Process to Your Business

Systems and processes play a significant role in building a company. They serve as the company’s essential building blocks and support. Hence, it is necessary for entrepreneurs to incorporate them into their businesses. It is also important to consider the efficiency and accuracy of the business systems. This way, the business’ principles and implementation become […]

13Apr 2020

Do you know why CCTV system is so important ?

The practice of crimes such as theft, robbery and vandalism is constantly growing around the world, especially if there is no way to identify and punish the perpetrator. That is why security cameras play a key role in protecting people, property and even animals, since locations are monitored, there is a tendency for crime to […]

13Apr 2020

A Guide on How to Perform Security System Maintenance

It’s crucial to learn how to perform security system maintenance because security systems require regular maintenance in order to provide your home with the protection it needs. So let’s talk about this topic. Perform a security system maintenance means inspecting the components carefully, replacing batteries when needed, and ensuring all the devices communicate well with each other. […]

13Apr 2020

Do home security cameras reduce crime ?

You can not have eyes everywhere to look out for vandals and robbers. But can cameras? Do home security cameras reduce crime?  Everyone wants to protect their property from being stolen or vandalized. There are many cameras spread throughout the country and the world. However, crime is something that cannot be eliminated entirely. So, understand that […]

13Apr 2020

What is the best switch for CCTV ?

In this article, I talk about switch for CCTV. Layer 2 switches can be used for projects that require reliability and performance. They have the technology to ensure speed and safety using the most modern features available. Below is a description of the most important features for CCTV projects. 100Mbps ports: In a CCTV project the […]